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Although volatility in the capital markets over the summer – especially following the downgrade of U.S. Treasuries on Aug. 5 – has spooked commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) market participants, this financing source is definitely back, say experts, while not as strong as anticipated earlier in the year. I In 201 1, new CMBS issuance may not top $30 billion, far below estimates of $30 billion to $50 billion early in the year.

CMBS Delinquency Rates Stabilize

According to two recent reports, CMBS deliquiency rates are starting to stabilize.

David Bodamer | National Real Estate Investor

CMBS delinquencies stabilized in September, according to two reports. Trepp LLC said that the rate inched up 4 basis points while Fitch Ratings reported that the delinquency rate fell 5 basis points.

Let’s Twist Again: Will Third Round of Stimulus Prove To Be the Charm for CRE?

“Operation Twist” is another attempt by the government to jumpstart our economy, but what impact will this stimulus have on the commercial real estate market. Here is a recent article that highlights what could be on the way for commercial real estate.

By Randyl Drummer | CoStar

The Federal Reserve has twice tried since 2008 to jumpstart the sagging economy by intervening in monetary policy, with the last attempt, dubbed quantitative easing 2 (QE2), ending in June.

Commercial-Property Prices Jumped 5% in July, Moody’s Says

Commercial real estate seems to be stepping up in prices. Here is a recent article with the specifics of commercial real estate prices in July.

By Brian Louis | Bloomberg Businessweek

U.S. commercial real estate prices rose for a third straight month in July as deals for smaller properties led a rebound that may stall as the economy slows, according to Moody’s Investors Service.

LEED Maintenance Important as Certification

Obtaining a LEED certification is a great thing, but you are not done once you get your certification. To continue having a green building, maintenance is just as important.

Written by:
Susan Piperato | NuWire Investor

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is the new hot ticket in commercial building and can raise the attractiveness and value of commercial real estate, but getting the certification is only the first step. Once acquired, building owners must maintain that certification, also known as “commissioning.” Commissioning is the quality control process of maintaining LEED certification and there are companies that offer this service.

SF Fed expects commercial real estate prices to rebound

A recent outlook on commercial real estate. Some good news…

Investors are expecting a widespread rebound in U.S. commercial real estate markets, according to an analysis published Monday by the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank.

Trophy Commercial Real Estate Markets

The economic climate has dramatically changed the environment for investors and commercial real estate.

Fear and uncertainty is the friend of the distressed investor.  With lenders increasingly willing to press for a long-term solution to troubled CRE loans, and a $1.7 trillion maturity wall looming, motivated sellers are assured.  Aggressive investors have an opportunity to earn outsized returns by avoiding trophy markets and acquiring properties at a cost basis that allows for robust profitability irrespective of the weak job growth the U.S. is likely to experience in the coming years.

Dallas-Fort Worth commercial foreclosures dip 2 percent

Some recent news regarding distressed commercial real estate in Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas.

Dallas-Fort Worth area commercial foreclosure postings have dipped 2 percent through September compared with the year-ago period, according to data released Wednesday from Foreclosure Listing Service Inc.

Listen to Your Fire Marshal and Avoid Code Violations

This article is a great case study and a good reminder to all property owners. No matter how large or small your property is, staying up to code is of utmost importance.

Violations in code led to closure of Butterwood
Williamsville renewing fire inspection efforts

When Butterwood Desserts in Williamsville abruptly closed shop at the end of June, local residents were shocked. How could the charming and well-known bakery operation, in business since 2003, suddenly go under?

Manhattan’s distressed real estate assets shrink


Some recent news on Manhattan’s distressed commercial real estate markets

By Theresa Agovino
Manhattan real estate—a poster child of the excess that led to the last downturn—appears oddly sturdy, despite last week’s turmoil.

The boroughs commercial real estate market, which many feared would enter a prolonged depression following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, recently passed a key milestone: The total dollar amount of assets classified as distressed has been cut in half.