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Hotel Foreclosures an Oncoming ‘Train Wreck’


Eric Stoessel | National Real Estate Investor

Steve Van hates being the pessimist, but he can’t help it. The CEO of Prism Hotels & Resorts says comparing the last two years of hotel distress to what’s coming is like comparing “a car wreck and a train wreck.”

Foreclosure activity hit 7-month high in Oct.

Foreclosures are still on the rise and this will effect the commercial real estate markets…

Notices of default, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions — warnings that can eventually lead to a home being lost to foreclosure — hit a seven-month high in October.

The numbers are further evidence foreclosure activity is picking up.

Making a Case for Commercial Real Estate

Keynote speaker for the Investment Program Association’s fall meeting, Peter Ricchiuti, discusses the impacts of the economic recovery on commercial real estate and two sectors that could be impacted positively.

By Bruce Kelly | Investment News

The outlook for investing in commercial real estate through real estate investment trusts is positive, said Peter Ricchiuti, an economist and assistant dean at Tulane University.

Real Estate Resets to Grind-it-Out Growth

Interesting article about whats happening in the commercial real estate market.

Robert Carr |

Commercial real estate professionals had an unexpected Happy Hour during the first half of the year, but most agree the second half is like waking up with the hangover, with cold reality setting in.

Commercial Real Estate Deals Decline as US Rebound Cools

With economic uncertainty around the world, commercial real estate continues to be impacted, as discussed in this recent article.

David M. Levitt, Hui-yong Yu and Dan Levy | Business Week

The U.S. commercial real estate market has slowed in the past three months as the sputtering economy and a pullback in debt financing limited deals, cooling a recovery from Washington to California.

Let’s Twist Again: Will Third Round of Stimulus Prove To Be the Charm for CRE?

“Operation Twist” is another attempt by the government to jumpstart our economy, but what impact will this stimulus have on the commercial real estate market. Here is a recent article that highlights what could be on the way for commercial real estate.

By Randyl Drummer | CoStar

The Federal Reserve has twice tried since 2008 to jumpstart the sagging economy by intervening in monetary policy, with the last attempt, dubbed quantitative easing 2 (QE2), ending in June.

LEED Maintenance Important as Certification

Obtaining a LEED certification is a great thing, but you are not done once you get your certification. To continue having a green building, maintenance is just as important.

Written by:
Susan Piperato | NuWire Investor

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is the new hot ticket in commercial building and can raise the attractiveness and value of commercial real estate, but getting the certification is only the first step. Once acquired, building owners must maintain that certification, also known as “commissioning.” Commissioning is the quality control process of maintaining LEED certification and there are companies that offer this service.

58% of Listings are Distressed

This article, although speaking to the residential market shows how prevalent distressed properties are right now. This also applies to commercial real estate.

The Orange County Register
By: Jonathan Lansner

Of the homes listed for sale in this community, 109 were either foreclosures being resold or short sales, where sellers owe more than the home’s value. So distressed properties were 58.3% of supply of homes for sale vs. 32.9% countywide.

Listen to Your Fire Marshal and Avoid Code Violations

This article is a great case study and a good reminder to all property owners. No matter how large or small your property is, staying up to code is of utmost importance.

Violations in code led to closure of Butterwood
Williamsville renewing fire inspection efforts

When Butterwood Desserts in Williamsville abruptly closed shop at the end of June, local residents were shocked. How could the charming and well-known bakery operation, in business since 2003, suddenly go under?

Opportunity knocks for investors as distressed asset sales increase

Although this post isn’t about distressed assets in the United States, it is still worth the read.

The long awaited disposal of distressed assets in the UK is gathering pace, according to the latest research by commercial property firm Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH), UK Investment Transactions (UKIT) Q2 2011. The report recorded £6.6bn worth of investment transactions in quarter two, of which just below £1bn were distressed. This could herald an increase in sales, a trend which has been anticipated for some time.