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Troubled CRE Loan Resolutions Now

Awareness from both lenders and borrowers seem to have some loans nearing resolution in this turbulent market. Read the article below for more information.

By Maura O’Connor |

As Europe limps towards resolution or further chaos, it seems there are signs of economic life in the US. Some of this is playing out in the real estate world, where some resolutions are happening amidst the rubble of loans gone bad.

CMBS Delinquencies Decline in November, Calm Before Storm of Maturing 2007 Vintage Loans

With the 2007 vintage loans approaching their 5 year balloon maturity dates, this article discusses some possibilities for the coming months.

By Michael Gerrity | World Property Channel

Based on Trepp’s CMBS Delinquency Report released today, the delinquency rate in November for U.S. commercial real estate loans in CMBS fell 26 basis points to 9.51%. This was the second biggest drop in 2011, surpassed only by August’s 36 point drop.

Distressed property sales grow

By Elaine Moore | Financial Times
Published: June 3 2011 12:01

It’s always interesting to see how other markets are doing across the globe. As you will read in this article, distressed asset sales are increasing all across the globe.

The number of distressed properties coming onto the market in the UK is still growing, as the aftermath of the global financial crisis continues to impact the housing market.